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  • What is RAM and why is it important?

    What is RAM and why is it important?

    When it comes to choosing a PC, there are a lot of options to consider. For example, some people might not even know that there are several different types of...

  • Common Display issues

    Common Display issues

    For advice on creating a multiple monitor set up, please see our previous blog here.   By far, this is the most common problem we encounter at Direct Computers. And luckily,...

  • Coil Whine

    Coil Whine

    Ever wondered what that noise is coming from inside your computer? It may sound like a whining or a humming sound. Don’t worry, this is a perfectly normal noise and...

  • Managing an overheating CPU

    Managing an overheating CPU

    In this post, we will go through some of the most common problems that may cause your central processing unit, henceforth referred to as the CPU.   First off, several...

  • Creating a multiple monitor setup in Windows 11

    Creating a multiple monitor setup in Windows 11

    With livestreaming becoming a viable option for people to create a career for themselves, it’s important to be aware of the technology required for your set up. And it’s practically...

  • How does Klarna work?

    How does Klarna work?

    About Klarna ● More than 90 million shoppers are using Klarna. ● 200,000 retailers are working with us worldwide. ● Klarna is one of Europe’s largest banks and we’ve been...

  • Common IT issues

    Common IT issues

    Whenever you run into a problem with your computer or laptop, the most common thing to do is turn it on and off. If this doesn’t work, then try turning...

  • The value of asking for advice

    The value of asking for advice

    At the end of last week, a popular Youtuber known as Supereyepatchwolf released a video on his channel describing the horror of ordering a very expensive PC through the corporate...