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Data Destruction

At some point, it will be time to sell or dispose of your old PC, laptop, or storage device. You might think formatting the hard drive or resetting the device to factory settings will remove all your data, but It isn't quite as simple as that. In most cases, someone with a bit of knowledge could extract all your data using free software. We can eliminate this risk with our data destruction service.

Did you know that when you press delete it won’t actually remove the file, photo or message from your device, and whilst you won’t be able to find it, someone with a little technical know-how and some free software will be able to dig through the content you thought you’d erased? The same applies if you format a hard drive, or perform a factory reset on your device. These functions just remove the reference which points to your data, not the data itself.

If you’re thinking of selling your device, donating it to charity, giving it to a friend or just generally disposing of it, you need to consider the safety of your data. Especially if you not only have your data on your device but also other peoples private data. Someone with the right knowledge could potentially access your financial information, confidential documents, private photos and videos, personal correspondence and messages, or your internet browsing history. Of course, this could be a problem if the device ends up in the wrong hands. You could end up suffering from an invasion of privacy, or become a victim of fraud or blackmail. It’s really important you protect yourself.

We offer multiple different options for Data Wiping, pricing is dependant on the type, how it is destoryed and the volume/size of the storage devices. Typically pricing stars from £9.99. Please contact us for a full quote.

Please be advised that with this service we offer complete discretion. It is designed to protect your privacy and prevent you from becoming a victim of crimes such as identity theft and blackmail. However, please note, that whilst we are totally committed to protecting your privacy, as IT professionals, we do have a legal obligation to abide by the law, and as such will never participate in the knowing destruction of illegal content. We are here to protect your data and privacy, not to help you circumvent the law.

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