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Warranty Information

What warranty do we offer?

When you complete your purchase with us, it’s important to be aware of what our warranty covers and what you need to add to your purchase depending on the protection you require. We provide two types of warranty on our website.

Direct Computers Warranty (All our brand-new systems)

Our standard warranty activates upon delivery to you and is viable for one year unless otherwise stated. This warranty is for hardware only. For custom built computers or gaming pcs, we provide warranty for physical faults or damage in transit. Any and all programs installed by you on the machine and any changes you may make to your machine are not covered under our warranty. For instances such as viruses or malware, we provide a removal service but again, this is not covered under our standard warranty and comes at an additional charge. For machines not built by us such as laptops, they have manufacturer warranty and our warranty that covers hardware faults. 

If you wish to submit a ticket about your warranty because of a technical fault, the first process is to contact us via This is most preferable to us as photos proving hardware faults can be easily transferred. You can also call us on: 0114 296 0035 but we will likely need photo evidence of the fault in question. Once a dialogue has been established one of our team will discuss options available to you and the next steps to take.

We do provide a one-year technical support package for all PC purchases with us, which comes at a cost of £70.00 and includes virus/malware removal and software support. This can be found under the “addons” section on a Gaming PC product page. 

With our refurbished products, we offer a free 3-month warranty which covers all software and hardware issues, that have not been influenced by the customer.

Manufacturer Warranty (HP, Dell, Lenovo etc)

When purchasing a product from us that comes from a dedicated manufacturer such as HP, Dell, Lenovo etc, if it’s a new product and listed under the product description the manufacturer will provide warranty. This warranty will vary based on the product and level of warranty the manufacturer provides. 

We will always list this information on the product page and once purchased from us, if you do have any issues, we can resolve this straight to the manufacturer for you.