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Call Of Duty: Warzone Permanent Ban Fix - How To Fix A Permanent Ban On Warzone

Call Of Duty: Warzone Permanent Ban Fix - How To Fix A Permanent Ban On Warzone

The likelihood is that you have already been banned if you searched for a Warzone permanent ban remedy.

You won't be the first person to be blacklisted, I can assure you of that. Last year, 48000 accounts were infamously banned in a single day. The effects of a permanent prohibition are typically pretty conclusive. Is there any chance, though?

We'll go over your options if you believe a permanent ban was administered improperly. We'll go over the various justifications for applying a permanent ban as well. But we'll say it right now. Contrary to the Warzone shadow prohibition, there is very little likelihood that you can 'repair' this problem.

Making sure you are remaining spotless is important because Warzone 2.0 will soon be released. Otherwise, you risk missing out on the new game. Additionally, we have information on whether Warzone 2 will be released on the PS4 or Xbox One.


How to remove a Permanent Ban?

Warzone bans can only be lifted temporarily by filing an appeal against the ruling. But first, let's talk about how that choice is made.


What is the Policy?

According to Activision, “We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against cheating. The security team carefully monitors to ensure fair play and will actively remove players who do not adhere to these policies. The account holder is responsible for any infraction on the account. Penalties are applied no matter who was playing at the time.”

Essentially then, if the security team identify improper behaviour on your account, even if you weren’t playing, you could be banned. Furthermore, “If your account is confirmed to be permanently banned for a violation of our Security and Enforcement Policy, it will not be overturned unless we determine the infraction was due to unauthorized activity on your Activision account.”

In other words, there is a potential you can challenge the judgement if an unauthorised person accessed your account.


Ways to appeal

You can only open a support ticket if you want to challenge a permanent ban. As we previously stated, you'll need to make a fairly strong case for doing so, and we wouldn't advise getting your hopes up too high.


You'll just have to wait after submitting your appeal. Activision announced that while the inquiry is ongoing, they won't offer any updates. As a result, when you do finally hear back, it will contain a verdict. Furthermore, they make it clear that they won't take multiple submissions or appeals that don't come in the form of a support ticket. So refrain from spamming them. That won't be well received.

Finally, after a decision has been reached, it is regarded as final. Don't attempt to appeal an appeal, then. Instead, consider the events that led to the prohibition and ask yourself honestly if you have in fact broken any of their laws.

You're in a bind if your appeal is denied and the permanent ban is put into effect. You will have no choice but to start over with a new account. Possibly avoid cheating the next time.


What Caused Your Permanent Ban?

A lifetime ban is not something that is handed out carelessly. They take this very seriously because it applies to all Call of Duty games, past, present, and future. And there are other grounds for your potential suspension, including:


  • Extreme or Repeated violations
  • Spoofing - hiding or disguising your identity, or hardware identity
  • Attempts to circumvent security systems
  • Using unauthorised software in order to cheat, mod or hack
  • Using pirated software
  • Anyone using unsupported peripherals and applications, such as modded controllers, IP folders and lag switches
  • Boosting - colluding with another user to exploit the game
  • Glitching - exploiting in-game code. An example might be using a hole in the map to intentionally leave the map boundary
  • Griefing - deliberately preventing someone else from playing the game as intended, for example, deliberate friendly fire
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Improperly obtained DLC
  • Decompiling or reverse-engineering game data
  • You can possibly get banned in Warzone for using VPN.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why someone might receive a permanent ban. And it’s highly unlikely that these are things most people could claim to have done by accident.

Naturally, if you can show that someone hacked your account, then the situation changes. But if not, there's a significant possibility that you did something improper. And if that's the case, it's unlikely that your appeal will be successful.

*Image credits Activison*

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