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Our spookiest games and films to watch and play this weekend!

Our spookiest games and films to watch and play this weekend!

The nights are drawing in, the weather is cooling down, which can only mean one thing… Time to snuggle up on the couch and embrace the season! There’s no better time to start making your way through all you to-play and to-watch Halloween games and films.   

So what scares you? At the office some of us got chatting about the scariest thing we ever watched or played. Do you recognise any of these? Do you agree with our choices? 


I love horror. I love to be spooked and I’m always seeking a good thrill. My favourite genre is horror and it was really hard to whittle down my personal list! 

Spookiest game goes to: 

Bloodborne. This game is hands down one of my favourites, and yet it doesn’t particularly spook me, not on the surface at least. Sure, the beasts that stalk the city of Yharnam can be intimidating, but when you gain a little insight, and start seeing things humans were never meant to see, it opens up a whole different kind of horror that is seldom seen in video games. Just the concept that these horrific, near incomprehensible beings could be watching us right now, and we’d never know, sends shivers up my spine. 

Spookiest film goes to: 

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003). What with Squid Game resurging interest in South Korean media, it’s never a better time than to spook yourself with some modern Korean horror classics. By a large margin, this one affected me in ways that not many films are able to do. It delves deep into pure lurking dread and one particular scene had me sleep with the light on for six weeks. 



Spookiest game goes to: 

The Evil Within. This game just oozes oppression, and the monster design is fantastic. Really creepy and intense! 

 Spookiest film goes to: 

Hostel. This one was a trendsetter. It set the stage for horror set outside of the US that took audiences out of a usual comfort zone. Definitely a modern classic!

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