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The piXL range has been designed around one thing - the very best quality and features at affordable prices.

Whether it's for home, work, gaming, streaming or a bit of everything, you'll get the best-quality pictures and the latest features, like 4K resolution, curved screens and 144Hz refresh rates, without paying premium prices.

We’re sure you won’t find better value displays anywhere other than the piXL range at Direct Computers.

All piXL monitors now come with a 3-Year Warranty. Yes, even the ones you bought 2 years ago.

The standard warranty on piXL monitors has now been extended to 3 years and they’re applying that same warranty to all piXL monitors bought...ever.

Whether you bought a piXL monitor and sold it yesterday, or 2 years ago, it’s covered from the date you bought it for a full 3 years. Thanks to piXL’s quality and reliability, product returns and failures are few-and-far-between - since launch in 2020, the returns rate has been under 1%. That’s not to be sniffed at - what reseller doesn’t want to sell products that are high quality, great value, margin-rich and pretty much hassle-free?

So you can now sell any piXL monitor - whether it’s one of their new Ultrawide Ultra HDs, a 4K panel for entertainment, a large curved gaming screen or a pair of 27-inch frameless screens for efficient workspaces - confident in the knowledge it’s covered for 3 years.

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