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4000 series coming soon?

4000 series coming soon?

It’s so close, the 4000 series is almost here! To help make way for the next-gen line up, Nvidia, the creator of the GTX series of graphics cards, is reportedly set to help AIB partners get rid of excess Geforce stock, but it’ll primarily target higher-end SKUs.


According to YouTube insiders, the company apparently hope to clear out the high-end GeForce RTX 3000 cards, which could take months according to sources. And this tactic appears to be working, as Nvidia has said that their 3090 stock in “starting to run dry”. Similarly, their 3090 Ti stock is also starting to shift, and Nividia hopes there will be room for their brand new toys on the shelf when the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090, presuming they appear in the next few months.


As we mentioned in our previous blog, it’s now possible to grab GeForce and Radeon GPUs for less than the MSRP, which if you’re thinking of upgrading, now might be the time to.


Should I buy a 3000 series now, or a 4000 series later?


Prices for current gen GPUs are low due to things such as the demise of cryptocurrency and a post-pandemic sales drop, and it’s probably tempting to grab one now while they’re relatively cheap. But the rumours that have been circulating of the RTX 4000 specifications, your new 3090 might be midrange by the time the 4000 series drops.


Whatever you choose, Direct Computers will always find you the best price for whatever graphics card you choose, and if you need any advice, just get in touch.

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