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We've moved!

We’ve moved!

We’ve been a little quiet the past few weeks, and that’s for good reason: we’ve been very busy beavering away this summer moving to a brand-new premises.


Our new address is:


Ground Floor - Unit 3
Dronfield Court Wards Yard
Dronfield, Derbyshire
S18 1QJ
We’ve moved!

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We’re still in the process of changing all of our addresses around, but our phone number and Livechat services are all still in the same place, so we’ll still be around to answer your questions!

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We had been planning to move before the end of the new year, but an unfortunate plumbing incident in May at our previous offices sent the need to move right to the top of the priority list. Did you notice our offices were almost underwater? We kept it quiet as we strived on through, continuing to work to our highest standards even though one of our two offices was completely closed. Most of the team ended up working from home during this time, and we were able to continue to push through whilst we secured our new site.


We thought long and hard about our new location, a place much bigger than our previous offices – if you visited in the past you know just how small they were! After viewing some locations both in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, we found the spot that fit all our needs and even allows for some expansion too.


We’ve moved!

 New beginnings!


Moving is always a tiresome and laborious process. Anyone who’s moved anywhere I’m sure can relate: it’s a million things to sort with a million things to move. Then usually you’re without internet for a couple of days during the awkward moving day or week and living in boxes whilst you wait for the new furniture to arrive.


So throughout the summer, we worked in a way that the business could continue, but we could also look for a new base to set new roots down. We had plenty of experience working from home thanks to the pandemic (that is sort of still going on, but much more manageable), and we could ensure our builds were made and completed even without our team in the office. Everything had to be pitch perfect, and we’re happy to say that the light could be seen at the end of the tunnel. A tunnel that led into the neighbouring town of Dronfield.


I have fond memories of Dronfield: mainly because it was a cheaper place to swim than any other leisure centres in Sheffield, and I learned to swim in their pool. I always remember how pleasant the drive was. To work with the leisure centre just around the corner leaves me feeling quite nostalgic.

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