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Our top moments from Tech Max 2023

Our top moments from Tech Max 2023

South Yorkshire has always been regarded as one of the epicentres of industry. It is the beating heart of the North of England, and the Magna Museum encapsulates that brilliantly.


Sitting right on the border of Rotherham and Sheffield, Magna is a museum designed to get you excited about the history and innovations of technology. Since we’re local, many of us took school trips there! It was the perfect venue for the 2023 Tech Max, and we couldn’t have been more ready.


Tech Max is a yearly event for all those interested in the world of technology. Featuring vendors, specialist talks and industry experts, Tech Max attracts some of the best in the business when it comes to the latest components and what to look forward to in the very near future.


Our Top moments

Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


A giant robot head?

Yes you heard that right! You may have seen on our Instagram the curious looking PC with the head that might have fitted more in with Optimus Prime and his gang. Despite its appearances, it was a fully working PC and there was even a working game on there!


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


Brand new cases from Aerocool

Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


One of our first stops was Aerocool, and their brand-new range of cases and peripherals designed by gamers and for gamers. We all had a sit in some of their chairs and admired their brand new line of cases: our personal favourite was the Skribble, where the user can create their own designs with a special pen: this case is designed to even allow the colours from inside to glow through the your art, meaning you can create the case design yourself (provided you have the artistic ability to!)


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023 


New innovation in PC components

You may have seen in our tech news about the brand new placement of the power connector from Gigabyte for their RTX 4090 Windforce, allowing for a cleaner look inside your PC, and we were happy to see several other manufacturers following suit with this better, ergonomic design.


Build a PC on site!

Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


Several companies were set up to show the entire process of building a huge gaming PC from start to finish, and not just the stuff you can buy off the shelves. We absolutely loved the biohazard/Resident Evil case complete with mysterious coloured liquid in vials, as well as Target’s absolutely enormous lad of a PC that they built on site:


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


Contra, anyone?

We sat down and played not just the latest games on all the shiny new tech, but also some classic retro games too! Some of us sat down to play Space Invaders and even got to see some games on actual floppy discs. (if you remember them or played a game on some floppy discs, leave us a comment!)


 Our top moments from Tech Max 2023



Our most anticipated technology from Tech Max


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


From mind-blowing detail on the newest Coolermaster mini LED display, to the newest DDR5 RAM from Lexar, it was exciting to see the technology already out and the technology to come in the next few quarters. And it was absolutely stunning. We were so impressed by the innovation and the experience of some of the distributers there. So many were eager to share their designs with us and show some incredible things to come in the custom PC world. We’ve left some of our highlights below, let us know what your favourite one is!


Aerocool new range

Aerocool’s whole range was simply staggering; we were beyond impressed by their knowledge and passion to make tech that not only looks good but is designed to perform well too. Their range of CPUs come in a range of bronze, silver and gold for that ideal finish so you can customise your rig even further, and some new designs on their fans for even better performance.


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


Lexar’s DDR5 memory

Lexar’s new range of DDR5 memory sticks come in both white and black styles to fit your PC, as well as varying sizes of up to 32GB. You can check out their range here.


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023



Not as exciting, but still important highlights!


Our top moments from Tech Max 2023


A lot of industry experts were on hand to offer their latest insights into the industry. It was a great opportunity to learn and meet lots of new people, and we even learned about how the industry is adapting to the newest social media changes such as TikTok. For some of us, this was brand new territory but we’re always eager to learn here!


Latest business services

More and more, businesses are putting more and more consideration into recycling, and we saw a big push from all companies to maintain existing technology rather than scrap and buy new. Also, we saw a lot of expansion into cloud-based technology as our lives head mostly online and the steps we all need to take to protect ourselves and our data. If you haven’t thought about preventing dangers such as identity theft online, we offer lots of preventative services to keep you and your data safe.


So that about wraps it up for Tech Max 2023! We had an absolute blast and met some amazing people and were excited to see all the amazing new innovations to come in the next year! Were you at Tech Max? Did you see us there? If you did, tag us!

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