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How Effective Digital Security can Protect your Business

How Effective Digital Security can Protect your Business

With our world relying more and more on digital systems, it’s no surprise cybercrime has increased exponentially alongside it. Criminals have access to more and more sophisticated methods and so to combat this, more effective cybersecurity has to be implemented. We’ve collated six ways you can protect your business from security breaches.


  1. Conduct a risk assessment.

Before anything else can be done, a full risk assessment must be completed to oversee potential gaps in current security and to ensure when protection is enabled, it has accounted for all eventualities and any weak links in the current system. Performing regular risk assessments regularly is a good practice to adopt to ensure your security systems stay watertight.


  1. Establish Network access controls

It is vital to know who has access to sensitive information as more and more devices get added to your server; with each device that is added, another potential security vulnerability is created. Therefore, it is imperative to limit and monitor access across your network. You can minimise both threats or attacks by using special software such as a zero trust solution or employing a specialist to help with your cyber security. Often, cyber attackers will prey on opportunities caused by employee negligence or a simple lack of awareness of cybersecurity best practices.


  1. Install and maintain antivirus and firewall defences

This should be one of the first steps to take towards protecting your digital security. A fully updated antivirus package can stop a lot of threats and many can perform many quality of life tasks, such as automated scanning websites and email attachments. Often this software can catch threats before they have a chance to infect your system and potentially compromise your security. We offer both managed and unmanaged antivirus packages according to your needs, and we can also offer a free 30 day trial of the anti virus software Avast.


  1. Create a patch management schedule

Cybercriminals are well aware that software requires constant updates and patches, and can easily exploit it to find loopholes and weaknesses almost as soon as they are released. Be being aware of patch schedules and releases of the software they use, organisations can stay ahead of attackers and potential threats.


  1. Continually monitor network traffic

Often, it’s not enough to rely on automated scans to catch cybercriminals. Real-time threat detection tools are one of the best strategies you can employ to gain a comprehensive view of your entire network at any point in time. Monitoring in this manner can allow your IT team to better identify and prevent threats.


  1. Craft an incident response plan

It’s all well to have preventions in place, but on the chance that a cybercriminal does breach your defences, an effective remedial plan should be in place to help your organisation remain proactively prepared. This may include training to remain aware of current and future potential threats as cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their methods, and no preventative measures will ever be 100% effective. Therefore, having an incident response plan is vital to account for any eventualities. It can usually be beneficial to bring in outside expertise to help you design such a plan, in case the worst should happen.


Employing risk mitigation for your cyber security is a task that should never truly end, as new threats and potential exploits are entering the landscape at a rapid pace. To keep today’s dynamic environments protected, organizations will need to employ proactive cybersecurity monitoring to ensure that threats are being identified and remediated as quickly as possible.


Direct Computers offer a variety of cyber security packages, including real-time tech help, antivirus software, and virus, malware and ransomware removal should the worst happen. Our products can also be twinned with Avast to prevent security threats before they can compromise you and your digital systems.

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