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Workstation PCs

Powerful PCs designed for demanding tasks and uses. We have specific PCs designed for everything such as Photography, Trading, Video Editing, Music Production, 3D Modeling, Games Development and Architecture. These PCs are designed to improve your workflow and provide a PC specifically designed for your needs.

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  • Photography

    Excel in all your photography tasks. Fast storage and processing power for managing large libraries, smooth image manipulation and fast exports making your life easier.

  • Video Editing

    Experience the joy of a powerful 4K editing workstation with our latest Video Editing PCs. Huge, fast storage allows for smooth, editing and file manipulation.

  • Music Production

    Be the next producer with our range of Music Production PCs, designed to provide faultless recording, editing and playback in your favourite sound production software.

Workstation PCs

Extreme processing power with our Production PCs, for building complex scenes at blistering speeds. Our Rendering Workstations provide fast, reliable rendering performance for everything from 3D Rendering to Video rendering.

Our Recommended Top Paid Software

  • 3D Modeling

    Our 3D Modelling PCs are focussed on being GPU and Memory heavy and designed to handle three-dimensional workloads with ease, every second of the way.

  • Games Development

    Our Games Development Workstations are built to bring you the optimal hardware where you need it most. Prepare yourself to make the next best AAA game.

  • Architecture

    Our Architecture PCs provide reliable performance in your chosen 3D programs allowing for faster design and workflows, letting you focus on what matters.

Trading PCs

Our Trading PCs allow for seamless, reliable trading with multi-screen outputs for constant whole-market monitoring. High-grade components are used to increase the speed and reliability of your operations. Heavily focussed on CPU and Memory to handle multiple operations at the same time.