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PC Aftercare Support Packages

Including Antivirus solutions, 5-year warranty upgrades, and expert tech support

Avast Antivirus Software

Defend your digital world with Avast Antivirus Software. Stay ahead of cyber threats with cutting-edge security features. Protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other online dangers with Avast's powerful solutions. Explore Avast's range of antivirus software for robust protection and peace of mind.

  • Avast CloudCare Unmanged 1 Year £40

    Select this package and you will manage your own Anti-Virus software and any additional addons you select. Your computer will be protected from viruses and malware when searching the web, using your email or any day to day activities on your device.

    ✔️Anti-Virus Protection

    ✔️Malware Protection

    ✔️Mail Shield

    ✔️Web Shield



    ✔️Real Site Protection

    ✔️Rescue Disk

    ✔️SecureLine VPN

    ✔️Wifi Inspector

  • Avast CloudCare Managed 1 Year £109.99

    Avast CloudCare Antivirus Managed is a service where we manage your device/s so you don't have to. We have a dedicated Cloud Management Platform where we can view your devices, monitor them, perform Cloud Backups, Patch Management, Remote Access and our technicians will recieve alerts when an issue arrises before you notice anything going wrong. If you are a consumer with 1 device or a business that has multiple devices we can manage as many as you require.

    ✔️Managed Antivirus Protection

    ✔️Managed Malware Protection

    ✔️24/7 Remote Access & Monitoring

    ✔️Exchange & Mail Shield

    ✔️Behavior Shield


    ✔️Web & Real Site Shield


    ✔️Browser Cleanup

    ✔️SecureLine VPN

    ✔️Password Manager

    ✔️Wifi Inspector

    ✔️Instant App Updates

Direct Protect Tech Support

Optimize your tech's performance with Direct Protect IT Support. Our comprehensive package ensures smooth PC and laptop operation, offering software assistance and troubleshooting. Benefit from free phone support, remote assistance, and diagnostics. Explore flexible pricing options starting at £9.99/month. Cancel anytime. Keep your devices running smoothly with Direct Protect.

  • Direct Protect Support Package 1 Month £9.99

    Our Direct Protect Support Package ensures that your PC and/or laptop runs efficiently and any software issues are cared for.

    This support package includes:

    • Free recovery/OS branded USB to post out to you when needed.
    • Free phone support and assistance.
    • Remote assistance for software issues.
    • Running slow issues/diagnostics.
    • Help configure, update and keep your PC and/or laptop maintained when needed.

    All hardware issues are covered under warranty. All software issues aren't covered under warranty. We can offer assistance in upgrades to Windows 11, fresh reinstalls and any other software/game issues per 1 device.


    • Discount available on multiple PCs and/or laptops.
    • Monthly subscription no commitment on direct debt for £9.99 a month. Paid monthly.
    • Yearly paid upfront for 12 months £6.99 (£83.88 a year)

    All available via direct debit. Cancellation is available at any time.

  • Direct Protect Support Pay As You Go - Remote IT Support 30 Minutes £18

    Pay As You Go for our Direct Protect Support Pay As You Go - Remote IT Support. 

    This support package includes:

    • Remote Support from one of our IT technicians based on the amount of time purchased.
    • Flexible options so you can choose what amount of time works best for you based on your issue. Feel free to contact us before so we can give you free advise.
    • This includes Phone Support and remotely logging into your device.
    • Remote assistance for software issues.
    • Running slow issues/diagnostics.
    • Help configure, update and keep your PC and/or laptop maintained when needed.

Warranty Upgrades

Enhance the longevity of your PC with our warranty upgrade options. Extend your coverage to five years for added peace of mind and protection against unexpected issues.

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