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PayPal introduces a more flexible PayPal pay monthly service

PayPal introduces a more flexible PayPal pay monthly service

PayPal has stepped up competition in reaction to Apple's news that it would become a new competitor in the finance market. On Wednesday, Paypal announced that it would introduce new options to its "buy now, pay later" products to follow its 2020 launch of the "Pay in 4" instalment programme.


"PayPal Pay Monthy" is designed for customers, enabling them a much more flexible way to pay. Rolling out in the US first, it offers customers alternatives to paying off purchases over a six week period. "Pay Monthly" users can break down the total cost into monthly payments over a six to twenty four month period; it can even be used to make larger purchases, up to $10,000 with the first payment due one month after the purchase is made. After, the customers then make monthly payments until the purchase price and any incurring interest has been paid off in full.

 PayPal introduces a more flexible PayPal pay monthly service

Shoppers will be presented with the option to "pay Monthly" at checkout. After filling out an application, they will wait to see if they've been approved and if so, will be shows three different plans of varying lengths to choose from, each with risk-based APR ranging from 0% to 29.99%. Paypal says the APR is based on individual consumer credit eligibility and notes that the service provider for lending is WebBank.


This new scheme gives customers much more choice in terms of their finance options and will be able to pick the plan best suited to them and makes sense for their budget. Options such as using a debit card for repayment and even tracks the payments through the PayPal app and website. Similar to the "Pay in 4" programme, there are no late fees. But unlike Pay in 4, customers can now pay back the purchase over a six month, twelve month or twenty four month period.


Paypal has said that the expansion of their credit programmes are down to research that has suggest U.S. online shoppers have wanted and asked for more flexibility in paying for large purchases. A recent study they cited from Morning Consult found that 65% of Americans were currently saving up for a bigger purchase and 79% were looking to create and maintain a budget. 

 PayPal introduces a more flexible PayPal pay monthly service

“How consumers look to pay for larger purchases is evolving and there is a growing demand for flexible payment options with 22 million PayPal customers using our pay later offering this past year," said Greg Lisiewski, vice president of Global Pay Later Products at PayPal in a statement. He added: “Pay Monthly builds on our commitment to deliver leading payment solutions that offer customers choice to ensure checkout matches their needs and budgeting preference.”


the market of BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) has grown exponentially since the cost of living has gone up and people need to find easier, more manageable ways to order products. More and more companies see there's a gap in the market and several other horses have join the finance race such as Klarna, Affirm, Zip and Sezzle. PayPal is definitely not a newcoming to the finance scene: it has had finance options for its customers for several years, including Easy Payments and PayPal Credit. Millions of people rely on PayPal and so it has constantly made payments options with them simple, easy and manageable.


As a trusted finance provider,  PayPal has processed over $15 billion in global BNPL Total Payment Volume (TPV) and over 105 million global BNPL transactions. With the BNPL market continuing to evolve, many BNPL providers are rolling our traditional options. PayPal is becoming more than a digital wallet and has been keeping up the date with current trends and its competitors. 


PayPal says the new "Pay Monthly" option will become automatically available for merchants at no additional cost or risk and doesn't require complex integration to be added as a payment option. The service will be available to customers starting today. Millions of PayPal retailers will offer this new option to their customers and make paying their way easier. 

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