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Dads in gaming: the best and worst

Dads in gaming: the best and worst

What’s the worst thing your dad ever did? Or the best? Did they tear your arm off to gain even more power? Or fight an entire hoard of zombies to try and save you?


Our Top 5 dads

 1. Kratos – God of War

Dads in gaming: the best and worst



Kratos is the prime example of “Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen.” Kratos is a rough-tough cream puff that scolds the young Atreus, but we know that underneath beats a huge heart that is only concerned for the boy’s welfare.


2. Lee Everett – The Walking Dead

Dads in gaming: the best and worst

image credit: hardcore gamer


We’re digging into the archives for this one. We adore Lee. Not only is he a well written and developed character, but he adopts and takes care of the adorable Clementine without a second thought. He makes for a fantastic dad…which just makes that ending even more gut wrenching.


3.Joel Miller – The Last of Us

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


Joel was a dad caught in a terrible situation at the end of the world, and with the release of The Last of Us: Part 1 and the phenomenal HBO series based on the game, It’s evident that Joel becomes more than just a grieving dad, he becomes a father figure for Ellie when she needed it the most.


4. Ethan Winters – Resident Evil series

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


He may not have an official face (Stop teasing us, Capcom!) but Ethan Winters showed incredible fatherly love towards his daughter Rosemary during Resident Evil: Village, even sending her dad protection from beyond the grave.


5. Kazuma Kiryu – Yakuza series

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


Being a father doesn’t have be blood related. Kiryu is one of the most beloved characters in gaming through his ability to understand the plight of many, including the children he encounters and guiding them onto the right path. Kiryu is due for a new adventure in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased his Name, and we can’t wait to see more.



Okay, now onto the ones you wouldn’t really want to give a card to this weekend.


Our Best-Worst Dads


1. Professor Hojo – Final Fantasy VII

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


This one is definitely a no-brainer. Hojo thinks spending quality time with his child is injecting him with strange alien goo for the purpose of furthering his own scientific research. Not sure we’d want a syringe of mind-changing purple juice injected into our veins, thank you very much.


2. Heihachi Mishima – Tekken series

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


Wow, Heihachi. You’re really going to throw your son into a volcano just to check if he inherited something? Bad form. Being horribly jealous of Kazuya’s devil gene, Heihachi chose the path of violence, and shows little affection for anyone other than himself. 0/10 do not recommend.


3. Big Boss – Metal Gear Solid 3

Dads in gaming: the best and worst

Image credit: Push Square


We’re not entirely sure what sort of role Big Boss had with his clones…I mean uh, sons, other than being a gene donor, but it’s quite evident from his kids’ behaviour that they may have benefitted having some kind of father figure around.


4. Virgil – Devil May Cry series

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


Where do we even start with Virgil? He’s not just a bad dad, but an utterly selfish and ambitious little beggar during his pursuit to inherit the power of his own father. We don’t think ripping off your son’s arm for your own purposes is exactly suitable behaviour at the dinner table.


5. Jecht – Final Fantasy X

Dads in gaming: the best and worst


Another dad from the archives. Oh Jecht. Really?




An arrogant, disinterested father who decides to hike up a mountain in bare feet and swimming trunks, we learn about Jecht through the bitter eyes of his son, Tidus. Jecht does go on a redemption of sorts by helping a summoner on his journey, but even on his defeat, he still chooses to mock his son as he lay dying in Tidus’ arms.


His blitzball game is pretty smokin’ though.


Do you agree with our choices? Were we too harsh on Big Boss (perhaps), or Jecht? (absolutely not). Tell us your gaming father heroes.

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