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Tech news from February

Tech news from February

Toss a Coin to your Bard?

We’ve spoken about the pros and cons of AI technology before, and with Chat.AI’s phenomenal success, naturally, some companies are getting on the cash cow. Notably, Google with their own AI bot, Bard.


Bard, named after the popular occupation in fantasy books, films and games, and usually involved following the hero around and singing songs of their triumphs and woes. Bards broke into the mainstream big time a few years ago, when lute-wielding Dandelion from Netflix’s show’s sang “Toss a Coin to your Witcher” became a genuine viral hit. A job that involves retelling stories for others is a pretty apt name for an AI chatbot.



However, tossing a coin to your Bard might have to wait, after an advert designed to show it off showed it answering a query incorrectly. The bot answered a question which asked it to describe the discoveries from the James Webb Telescope, and incorrectly attributed the Webb Telescope as the first to take pictures of a planet outside of our solar system, which was very quickly picked up by astronomers on Twitter. Likewise, investors were also unimpressed by this rudimentary error and also Google’s presentation revealing its plans to deploy AI in their products. And so, shares plummeted, and shares in the parent company Alphabet went down more than 7% on Wednesday, which knocked a devastating £82bn off the firm’s market value.


AI is still a very shaky territory in terms of plagiarism (already being tackled by various academic bodies), its threat to creative jobs and how to properly police software like this. But for now, it seems we’re still trying to find its way to utilise this technology properly.


Tech news from February

A.I. is improving every day, but still has some ways to go.


Corsair leaks prove true

Did you see the leak a few weeks ago? Corsair have finally confirmed they’re launching their new RMx Shift series power supplies. So what’s different about the new model they’re releasing? For all the stats, you can visit their website, but if you just want the low-down, we got you.


The Stats

The RMx Shift units are, of course, ATX 3.0 compliant so they’re ideal for new PC builds. Modular connections have been moved to the side, and the cables included with the PSU are Corsair Type 5 Gen 1 micro-fit cables, which are easy to connect and detach, and will mean less bending and twisting of cables (something we’ll talk about in a moment) thanks to the repositioned panel.


For its cooling, the RMx Shift series power supplies use a 130mm fluid dynamic bearing fan with a calculated fan curve to deliver low noise whilst keeping its temperatures monitored. Even better is that the units are 80 PLUS Gold and Cybernetics Gold certified, allowing for up to 90% efficiency, which is always good news.


So let’s discuss prices.


The Cost

Do those tasty specs pique your interest? If they have, they are four options available when the RMx Shift PSUs launch:


RM750x Shift. R.R.P. £160

RM850x Shift. R.R.P. £175

RM1000x Shift. R.R.P. £220

RM1200x Shift. R.R.P. £260


Tech news from February

Big news for Corsair?


And it’s not just about performance…

So, if this New Corsair is designed specifically for better cable management, we should probably discuss that too. When you buy a gaming PC, not only should it perform well, but the thing’s gotta look good too, right? That includes all the gubbins inside too. And gubbins are on display these days with glass panels and more and more emphasis on RBG lighting and generally looking quite fabulous. A good example of cable management means that you will barely notice the cables at all.

Cable management is an aspect of PC building that most often gets overlooked when PC building, and it’s a fairly important one too! Efficient cable management will prevent any restricting of airflow, which will allow your components to perform better or even last longer. Also, they look clean and organised. You don’t want to pay a small fortune for a beautiful looking gaming PC and then have cables dangling everywhere and obscuring the RGB lighting.


Tech news from February

 A prime example of good cable management. Built by us.


So if you’re in the market to buy a PC, don’t forget about the cables! Certainly necessary but certainly don’t have to be necessarily untidy.

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