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GTX 4090 makes Mobile game sensation Genshin Impact even more sumptuous in 13k.

GTX 4090 makes Mobile game sensation Genshin Impact even more sumptuous in 13k.

Image credit: igdb.com

We’ve written at length of the new technology of the 4090 and its new Lovelace technology. We already knew its potential, but Youtuber Golden Reviewer ran it on the new RTX 4090 with a resolution of 13,760 x 5,760 and managed to achieve 30 frames per second (FPS) on average at 13k rather than the usual 8k.


Genshin Impact - the Chinese gacha game that became a worldwide phenomenon (even I have been lured in by its colourful world, vibrant characters and comforting gameplay) – was an ideal choice to try 13k as it’s a pretty undemanding game graphically. (Genshin can run on a Nvidia GT 1030 with a GTX 1060 as the recommended GPU).


GTX 4090 makes Mobile game sensation Genshin Impact even

 Genshin Impact is set in a vast, beautiful world ideal for this experiment.


30 fps doesn’t seem all that impressive considering most gamers look to 60fpc as their FPS grail, but Golden Reviewer was chasing 13k over the standard 8k with a steady framerate, and for their purpose, 30 FPS was an impressive average for 13k. 30FPS is certainly playable – one of my favourite games ever, Bloodborne, is locked to 30 FPS and the gameplay isn’t hampered by its locked framerate whatsoever. Using upscaling technology, Golden Reviewer was able to uncover an incredible amount of detail hidden in the textures. Of course, the actual game’s textures are not 13K resolution, of course, so some blurriness is unavoidable, but this was an exciting look into the potential future of resolution capabilities. Genshin Impact is a gorgeous game as it is, and it looks absolutely gorgeous in this resolution.



Genshin Impact is available on mobile, PS4, Xbox and PC, and is free to play.

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