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Which Brand Is Right For You?

Which Brand Is Right For You?

Which Brand Is Right For You? 

As you know there is a lot of brands in the computer industry and most of them are very similar. In this blog post we will brake down what you should consider when purchasing from a new brand. 


When you want to purchase a new product you will notice that you see the same product but by different brands. Some brands might be cheaper than others but the product is the same. Lets take corsair which is a big brand for RAM, they have got lots of options but there are other brands in the markets like kingston who might do a better stick of ram for cheaper. This is because corsair know they are a big brand so they want to sell it with the corsair logo on it but in reality if the brand doesn't matter then kingston might be a better option for you as they do have quicker ram for cheaper. 


Following on from this a lot of people do like to stick to the same brand when they are buying computer parts. This is difficult to do as one brand doesn't really do everything you need. Another thing to consider when you are buying parts is RGB I know lots of people love the RGB fan club but when it comes to controlling your RGB through software you might run into some trouble. Corsair use iCUE which does have some errors with in it but kingston have got RGB and it doesn't need iCUE to control it. This is only something small though and you should consider the rest of your set up as well for example your keyboard and mouse might be corsair so it might be best to go with the corsair products to match it to the rest of your set up. 


This is probably one of the most important ones to look into when you are choosing a brand to buy from. You should check the brand out on a review site like trust pilot as they will have experiences from other users who have bought from them, this way you will have an idea of what to expect from them. 

Warranty / longevity 

It is good to look at the warranty that the brands offer weather it is through them or if it is manufacture warranty just in case the worse happens and your new product breaks at least you can return to them if you are still under warranty they might repair or replace your products. If your product works for up to 2 years and then it breaks it is good to know you still have that guarantee from the brand that they will still repair it. 

This is only for you if you are buying the parts yourself however, if you are ordering a custom PC through us we can help you choose the right brands from ones that we have dealt with in the past. We do all the hard work for you. 

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