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Become a partner with Direct Computers!

Become a partner with Direct Computers!

Do you game, stream or podcast? 


It's one of the biggest growing methods of earning a living amongst all walks of life, and there's definitely something special about creating content to share with others. Having an audience is also great for your mental well being as it increases confidence and the ability to think on your feet: all whilst under the watchful eye of others. If you've got the right gumption for it, then we firmly believe there's an audience for everyone out there so long as you look in the right places. What's even better is that you have the complete freedom to choose your area of expertise to use in your content creation: If we've learned anything about the internet, is that if you've heard of it, there's probably a wiki page for it too (rule 44, anyone?)


This element of choice is what makes this line of work so appealing: It's a great feeling of community, especially when that content creator has the golden common touch and people tune in not for the game, but for you. It's an incredible mix of humility and power that's not so easily found elsewhere. You are your own boss. But this marketplace is saturated. Almost too saturated these days. It's easy to get lost in the thousands of others playing the latest games 


And this is where we come in. 


Direct Computers are now partnering with upcoming Youtubers, streamers and podcasters and giving them a chance to receive some great benefits by being sponsored by us. Commissions, discounts and more. For some of our current partners, we have provided them with technology in order for them to make better videos and streams which in turns benefits us by bringing in more traffic to both parties, increasing our respective reaches. By helping you, you help us.


Join our community today and we'll offer each other a boost.


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