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Rewards Program

Become a member of our loyalty program and gain access to exclusive member benefits every time you shop. Easily manage your account anytime by clicking on Rewards in the bottom left of your screen.

Earn points

You can earn points for every pound you spend on our website. Make sure to log in or sign up for an account when purchasing from us to reap the rewards.

Complete an order

Earn 1 points for every 1 GBP

Redeem points

Spend your points on any of the amazing rewards below. Easily click on rewards in the bottom left of our website, log into your account, click on Redeem Points and choose any of the options below to get your discount code. Apply your discount code at checkout to claim your reward.

Minimum purchase value of £200

Amount discount

500 points = £5 GBP

Referral Program

Join or sign in to get your referral link and share with friends to earn rewards for each successful referral.

The rewards are a secret...

How the referral program works

A member who has an account can click on the Rewards in the bottom left of our website and find their referral link under Referral Program. You then need to send the link to a friend who must create an account and then place an order. After the order is fulfilled, both the referrer and referred friend will get a secret reward.