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HP Flash Backed Write Cache Battery

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HP Flash Backed Write Cache (FBWC) Capacitor Battery with 36-in Cable

Part Number(s)
Spare Part# 660093-001
Manufacturer Part# 654873-003

The Flash Backed Write Cache (FBWC) uses NAND 6 flash devices to retain cache data and super-capacitors (super-caps) instead of batteries to provide power during a power loss. The FBWC offers significant advantages over the HPE Battery-Backed Write-Cache (BBWC) system. Since the FBWC writes the contents of memory to flash devices, there is no longer a 48-hour battery life limitation and the data will be posted to the disk drive on the next power up.

Category: Proliant Controller
Sub-Category: Smart Array
Generation: P-Series
Part Number: 660093-001
Manufacturer: HP
Length: 36 inches
Model: Flash Backed Write Cache
Product Type: Capacitor Battery
Interface: 6 pin connector
Power: 5.4 Volts


Part Number:  660093-001

Item Condition: New Sealed

Warranty: 3 Months


Weight: 500g