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Avast CloudCare Antivirus Managed Annually 1 Device

Avast CloudCare Antivirus Managed is a service where we manage your device/s so you don't have to. We have a dedicated Cloud Management Platform where we can view your devices, monitor them, perform Cloud Backups, Patch Management, Remote Access and our technicians will recieve alerts when an issue arrises before you notice anything going wrong. If you are a consumer with 1 device or a business that has multiple devices we can manage as many as you require.

✔️Managed Antivirus Protection

✔️Managed Malware Protection

✔️24/7 Remote Access & Monitoring

✔️Exchange & Mail Shield

✔️Behavior Shield


✔️Web & Real Site Shield


✔️Browser Cleanup

✔️SecureLine VPN

✔️Password Manager

✔️Wifi Inspector

✔️Instant App Updates