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Looking for Finance? View our options here!

Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote IT support has revolutionised the industry. It allows us to remotely access our client’s devices to offer support and maintenance. At Direct Computers, we put customer satisfaction first, and what better way to do so than remotely providing high- quality IT support services in Sheffield? You can sit in the comfort of your home or office whilst we look into your problem, assess it, and provide the necessary solution. 

How Does Our Remote IT Support Service Work? 

 Every day, we receive numerous support requests from clients who face problems with a particular application or service. At such times, they need help fast and waiting for a support team to reach, figure out, and address the issue is time-consuming. Using our remote support software, we can connect to your device from anywhere, regardless of your location. Once connected, we take control of your system and perform the necessary procedures to address the issue. The amount of work and time required depends on the tasks we need to perform. Our technicians can not only provide on-demand support, but also troubleshoot problems and install updates. 

Select From Our Range of Dedicated Plans

 At Direct Computers, we have carefully crafted different plans because company requirements vary and we want you to get the most out of our reliable business IT support in Sheffield. If you are looking for remote support for one-off payments, select the Pay As You Go package, which is available for only £15 per hour. You can also opt for the £60 Basic Plan per month for up to 5 devices and unlimited weekday support. This plan is annually available for £680. Our biggest package is the Premium Plan, which is available for £100 per month. It includes our best offerings like, support for up to 10 devices, out of hours support, as well as, unlimited weekday support. This service package is yours at only £1,110 annually. 

 So, are you in need of effective and quick IT support services in Sheffield? Have your problems fixed in record time and prevent obstructions in your workflow with Direct Computers. Just select a plan and leave the rest to us.

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Choose the best plan for your business needs and enjoy our reliable remote support services.

Select from our pay as you go or subscription plans available to purchase as a monthly or annual package.

£15 Per Hour

Pay As You Go
Pay as you go package perfect for customers wanting to receive remote support as one off payments

✔️Per Device

 ✔️Pay as you go 

 ✔️Out of hours: £30/hour 

 ✔️Annually: N/A

£60 Per Month

Basic Plan
Monthly or annual plan including unlimited Remote Support Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for up to 5 devices.

✔️Up to 5 Devices 

 ✔️Unlimited Support weekdays 9am-5pm

 ✔️Out of hours: £30/hour 

 ✔️Annually: £680.00 

£100 Per Month

Premium Plan
Monthly or annual plan including unlimited Remote Support Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and access to out of hours Remote Support.

✔️Up to 10 Devices

✔️Unlimited Support weekdays 9am-5pm
✔️Out of hours support: Included

 ✔️Annually: £1,110.00