How to get iOS 13 public beta


Near the end of this year, most likely September iOS 13 will be released. If you're looking to get your hands on the iOS 13 beta you may need some help with it this year, as there is no over-the-air update. In this post we will be going through the steps to do so. 

You can can try iOS 13 early, ahead of its full release as Apple had made iOS 13 beta 1 available to the developer community right after the WWDC 2019 keynote, as promised, they recently released beta 4.

Apple have also released a separate public beta however, note that this version may not include as many new features as the latest developer beta. This public beta is by far easier to install.

Below we will go through how to download the iOS 13 developer beta, but be aware that it's quite onerous to install. Likewise, the developer beta aren't guaranteed to be completely stable. Some apps may not work with the iOS 13 eta until the final release (we've seen compatibility issues in the past). Luckily the iOS 13 public beta has just been released to all iPhone users meaning that this build will minimize risks.

Keep reading if you're willing to go to the effort of getting an early taste of iOS 3 Dark Mode and some of the other new features coming in the next iPhone operating system.

1. Backing up your iPhone

If you're wanting to try out the developer beta, we'd recommend you back up your iPhone first just in case. This way means that you can restore all your phone's settings, apps and data to a normal stable version of iOS should something go wrong. 

So before you download the iOS 13 beta make sure to perform a backup.

2. Enrolling in the Apple Developer Program

If you're wanting to test the iOS developer beta but you aren't enrolled in Apple's Developer Program, go to the Apple Development Program signup page and follow the instructions.

This will require you to provide your Apple ID along with some basic personal information. You will also need to pay around £69 to enroll as a new developer. This will allow you to have early access to macOS and other beta software whenever they're released.

3. Downloading and installing iOS 13

if you've followed the instructions or possibly you already have a developer account then great! First, head to Apple's developer page here. Click the 'Operating System' tab at the top and scroll down to the section marked 'iOS 13 beta'.

Next, you need to choose between installing using the macOS 10.15 beta or through the Xcode 11 beta, and you'll actually install it via iTunes. Funnily enough iTunes is being removed soon.

Now you can pick from a list of phones to choose which iPhone you're loading the iOS 13 beta to. There is a minimum threshold however, anything older than the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S or iPod Touch (7th generating) will not be able to update to this version of iOS. 

Great! Now you should have iOS 13 beta installed, keep checking to see if there are new updates being released and download them.

Have fun testing out the new iOS!