This page contains lots of useful information you need to know when getting your PC personally built by us. Read through the information as and when you need to and get in touch if you have any questions regarding your build at any time – we’re always happy to help!


Build times

Express Build - £30

2-3 Working days


Standard Build – FREE (default)

4-6 Working days



Where do I find the add-ons section?

The add-on section can be found on the right-hand side of our website, underneath the product description. The add-ons available for this PC are indicated by the arrow in the image below.



What do I need to add-on?

Express Build Time

Can’t wait to get your hands on your new PC? If you want to get your hands on your build faster, then you should select ‘Express build time’ from the add-ons section. Standard build time will be selected as default.



Our builds come without Wi-Fi as default. If this is something you’d like to add, no problem! You can include this using the add-ons section.



Builds will be built to the item description, or custom specifications if provided. If you wish to make any adjustments or upgrades to your build, please do so by selecting these additions using the available add-ons section.




Trade Ins

Want to trade your current gadgets/devices/PC for a high value discount off of your new build? Check out our Trade In page for more information and be sure to get in touch with us about trading your items before purchasing.