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How to update Google Chrome

Don't leave your browser out of date!

One of the most important aspects to keeping your digital life secure is by keeping your software up to date. Wether that's your operating system on your computer, your phone or any application that you use, leaving this out of date can leave yourself open to exploits that hackers can take advantage of. Google Chrome is one of the most popular and best browsers so you'll definitely want to keep it up to date. 

You could say the browser is more important than other software especially as it's the gateway for everything that you do online. Every webpage that you visit is through the browser, meaning all the usernames, passwords and personal data are also going right through it. In Google Chrome you can even keep all your usernames, passwords and more personal information stored in the browser. This allows for forms to be automatically filled, not having to constantly log in but with this can come security issues. If your browser becomes infected or prone to a new exploit that information can be easily accessible, this is why it's so important to keep everything up to date.

So with Google Chrome playing such a crucial role it's good to make sure you understand how to keep it updated. In this blog we'll be going through the steps to do so.

How to update Google Chrome manually

Google Chrome in most cases will take most of the work updating itself. The browser will look for updates automatically and it can even apply those updates if you regularly close the program. However, if you keep your computer running constantly, and keep your Chrome browser running all the time, it will not get a chance to apply those updates. Follow the steps below to on how to apply an update manually.

Step one:

You need to check the upper right corner of the Chrome browser where the three vertical dots are. If a Chrome update is already available and ready to be applied, the menu icon will have changed into an upwards facing arrow. This arrow will either be green, orange, or red, indicating how long the update has been available and ready for installation. If it's red, that means the update has been available for over 7 days, meaning you should apply it as soon as possible. You don't want to be letting it get to the red indicator and instead try to apply the updates when they're green meaning they're new.

Step two:

You need to click onto the menu icon whether the menu icon appears as the three vertical dots or the upwards arrow, you'll still get the same drop-down menu.

Step three:

Next you need to select "Update Google Chrome" and click "Relaunch". If the menu button was a coloured arrow icon, then an update is available. In that case, Chrome will add an "Update Google Chrome" option to the drop-down menu. This is what you will use to apply the update, and Chrome will re-open you windows and tabs when it relaunches. However, make sure to save anything you may be working on in those tabs prior.

If you didn't see an upwards arrow icon indicating an update is pending, then you can go to the next step to double check for an update.

Step four:

Using the drop-down menu, select "Help" then "About Google Chrome". This will then open a new tab and Chrome will automatically check for any available updates. Here you'll see if your browser is fully updated, if any updates are download or if an update is ready to be installed.

Step five:

Finally, if an update is downloading, await for it to finish and then once any updates are ready to install, you'll see a "Relaunch" button. Press it to complete the update. Mac is similar as you can also choose the option to "Automatically update Chrome for all users" if Chrome is installed in your Applications folder.


These steps will ensure that your Google Chrome browser will be kept up to date at all times and greatly reduce the risk of you be liable to any exploits. However, Google Chrome isn't where you should stop you need to make sure all the applications you use are constantly updated. 

If you're struggling or worried that your computer might not be updated, contact us and we'll be able to easily remote into your computer and get it up to date and the relevant checks. Call us on 0114 296 0035 or email look forward to hearing from you.